SOVCA (Retailers/Restauranteurs/Service Business Owners) Conversation

Boards, Commissions & Advisory Groups

Wednesday, February 13th

7:00 - 8:30pm

The Fox & Falcon

For information and to RSVP contact:
Bob Zuckerman

The SOVCA is pleased to welcome all retailers/restauranteurs/service business owners to join us for a conversation on how we can “Shape Our Shared Future” together through our South Orange Master Plan process. This is a wonderful opportunity for neighbors to meet one another and help define our community’s direction. A comprehensive Master Plan for South Orange has not been undertaken since the late 1970s so this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. This initiative serves as a broad level policy document that is the blueprint that depicts current land uses and guides decisions for both growth and conservation. Its elements will focus on land use, civic life, community form and design, mobility, historic preservation, recreation and open space, along with health and sustainability. We encourage you to join us and please RSVP to your Master Plan Ambassador (name and email located to the left) and/or share any special accommodations you may need.


Residents, do you have general questions about the South Orange Master Plan? Neighborhood Liaisons, do you need assistance scheduling and setting up events? Do you need guidance on conducting your events?

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