(May – August 2018)

A team consisting of the Village President, trusted community members and members of the Village administration have assembled and developed a strategy for outreach and plan development. This team makes up the Management Committee who will be overseeing the training of all the volunteers involved in the Visioning Phase



(September 2018 – April 2019)

Community Ambassadors advertise online surveys and public forums, as well as hold conversations among their specified stakeholder groups to understand the opportunities, weaknesses, and objectives for the community from a planning and development perspective.

Steering Committee members use data from the Community Ambassador’s work during the Visioning Phase to develop a set of goals and objectives for the community at large that will be used to guide the public outreach and strategy for the remaining Master Plan elements: Land Use, Civic Engagement, Community Form + Design, Mobility, Historic Preservation, Recreation + Open Space, and Health + Sustainability.



(May – October 2019)

Draft plans are developed by a technical review committee that includes Topology and the Village Administration. Drafts are informed from community input and continually vetted and revised by the public in the Drafting Phase .



(October – December 2019)

Vetted draft document is sent to Planning Board for a final round of public hearings and official adoption in the Finalizing Phase (this is the regulatory phase).


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